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Meet Your Guide: Misty Schulz

Hello, my name is Misty Dawn Schulz. I am co-owner, outdoor adventure guide, and photographer for Schulz Guided Cascadian Wilderness Adventures and Photography. Born and raised in Oregon, I am the daughter of Robert (deceased 2016) and Linda Gardner, married at age 19 to Ron Schulz, and at age 20 a mother of two, born as "Irish Twins" 10 1/2 months apart, Jacob and Justin Schulz. I attended all eight years and graduated as Valedictorian at Scotts Mills Elementary. I graduated with a high school diploma in three years. I attended Chemeketa Community College for a year, returning years later for an associate degree, graduating from the Horticulture Program with a 4.0 and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I am a former Cinderella model, marion and boysenberry farmer, art and dance teacher, and also currently the horticulturalist and garden curator for both Willamette Valley Vineyards and Golden Moments, the private garden at Elton Vineyards. I have a Horticulture Degree and am very familiar with the native plants of the Pacific Northwest. As an individual I enjoy hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, walking on the beach, fishing, photography, traveling, genealogy, history, geology, wildlife, plants, dressmaking, cooking, 4x4 driving my Jeep Wrangler, and spending time with family. As a photographer, I have a special passion for nature, especially for wildlife, mountain, astronomical, and waterfall photography. I love to capture special moments of my loved ones in the wilderness. I really appreciate those exhilarating moments: beholding majestic vistas from summitting a mountain, witnessing a rainbow while feeling the mist from a waterfall, capturing the surreal beauty of the alpenglow on a mountain while it reflects in a lake, exploring terrain in the wilderness to see wildlife in their natural habitat, finding rare wildflowers amidst meadows, touching the rough bark to experience the true grandeur of an old growth fir tree, feeling the sand between your toes while the ocean exposes seashells, and my favorite is camping alongside an alpine lake surrounded by mountains beneath a starry sky. Growing up my family would go on road trips, visiting old mining areas and ghost towns, while also exploring and hiking throughout North America, extending almost to the Arctic Ocean and Guatemala. After I had a family of my own, my husband and I carried on that sense of adventure, going on road trips and exploring the wilderness by way of hiking, backpacking, rafting, and fishing. To give you an idea of our sense of adventure as a family: we explored the desert southwest finding hidden Native American cliff dwellings; backpacked for weeks at a time high in the Wallowa Mountains; climbed, summitted, and explored many mountains in the Cascades; flew into Katmai for Alaskan brown bear encounters; fished for salmon amongst bears and a wolf in Alaska; mined for gold in Alaska and the Yukon; climbed the cables to the summit of Half Dome and to the top of Yosemite Falls in Yosemite; hiked with micro-spikes on icy trails atop Angels Landing in Zion, to Delicate Arch at Arches, and the Peak-a-boo Trail in Bryce Canyon; climbed glaciers in Alaska, Jasper, and Oregon; whitewater rafted the Deschutes River; caught and released 90 small mouth bass in two days while floating the John Day River; enjoyed a sunset sail aboard a schooner in Key West; traveled the bayou in Louisiana to see alligators; snorkeled with manta rays, ziplined over and rappelled waterfalls in Hawaii; hiked amongst bears in the Rockies in Canada, at Glacier in Montana, and Yellowstone and Grand Teton in Wyoming; caught cutthroat and rainbow trout in alpine lakes while backpacking in Oregon, as well as steelhead and salmon in rivers of Oregon, Alaska, and British Columbia; and deep-sea fished for halibut, salmon, tuna, and spearfish in the Pacific Ocean in Alaska and Hawaii. We don't simply go to places, we immerse ourselves. When we plan a trip, we go all out. I love the great outdoors! I look forward to sharing it with you!

Glacier Peak and Eagle Cap from Glacier Lakes in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains.

Climbing Eagle Cap with Glacier Lakes below. This was after sunset and hiking 18 miles from our camp the previous night near Tenderfoot Pass coming over Polaris Pass down to the West Fork Wallowa River and following it to its source at Glacier Lake. Our camp for the night is down in the trees between the Glacier Lakes.

My son Jacob and I with a partially frozen Sprague Lake high above Jefferson Park with Mount Jefferson.

Our Schulz Family: left to right, Justin, Jacob, Ron, and Misty at Glacier Pass on our first 45-50 mile weeklong backpacking trip as a family.

My son Jacob and I at Glacier Pass with Glacier Peak and Glacier Lake eleven years later.

My son Jacob and I high above the Upper Chambers Lakes with South Sister.

Ron, Misty, Jacob, and Justin Schulz with our dog Hunter above Jewett Lake and Aneroid Lake near Tenderfoot Pass in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

Hiking on the Eagle Creek Trail with Tunnel Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

Our Schulz Family on the summit of Broken Top with an amazing view of the Three Sister and Green Lakes.

Our Schulz Family with our dog Hunter with Broken Top and No Name Lake.

My son Jacob and I with our dogs Blaze and Knight on Yocum Ridge on Mount Hood in the autumn.

Gorgeous views of red lava topped South Sister looming above pumice slopes leading down to Moraine Lake.

The first time my sons Justin (age 8) and Jacob (age 9) summitted a mountain, atop South Sister "Charity" (3rd highest mountain in Oregon) with Middle Sister "Hope" and North Sister "Faith" making up the Three Sisters. The Chambers Lakes are the jewel toned lakes far below.

I look forward to sharing the wondrous places of Oregon with you. With all the versatility the Cascadia Bioregion: temperate rain forests with waterfalls, alpine lakes in the mountains, the coast with sandy beaches, and the rocky formations of the high desert to choose from, I love and respect them all! -Misty Dawn Schulz



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