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Meet Your Guide: Jacob Schulz

Hello, I would like you to meet Jacob Michael Schulz, co-owner and outdoor adventure guide for Schulz Guided Cascadian Wilderness Adventures. He is an artist creating intricate pieces as a metal sculptor, in the forms of garden benches and garden art. He also works as a landscaper for Willamette Valley Vineyards and at Golden Moments, the private garden at Elton Vineyard. He formerly worked at the Woodburn Pet Hospital. He loves animals and is quite tenderhearted when it comes to creatures of all sizes. He owns a dog and a cat. He rescues all life forms every chance he gets. He has an intrigue in mushrooms, fungi, and their symbiotic associations.

Jacob was born to Ron and Misty Schulz. His only brother Justin was born when he was only 10 1/2 months old. The two were raised together in Oregon, where he graduated from Holy Family Academy, Saint John Bosco High School as the Valedictorian, and got an Associate Degree from Chemeketa Community College while being a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He trained as a firefighter while in high school and while attending Chemeketa learning valuable techniques such as fire suppression and prevention, as well as water rescue and First Aid/CPR. While his interests changed while at college, he studied anatomy, health, nutrition, photography, and welding. He stays fit by working out, hiking, and eating healthy.

He is an amazing mechanic! He combines his love of cars with caring for the environment as he participates in HooptieX races (similar to RallyX but with ordinary inexpensive cars driving them on dirt and gravel tracks) and the Oregon Gambler 500 (which has evolved into the largest public land cleanup effort in the world) with his numerous lifted and custom vehicles, including two Mustangs and a Cherokee. He loves driving rough backroads with his Mustangs which should be dedicated to 4x4s only. On one of our family trips, we drove one of his Mustangs down Long Canyon Road in the Moab area over large boulders and rocky terrain. Everyone else had dirt bikes or Jeeps and here we come along driving in his car.

Jacob is a bit of a thrill seeker with a keen sense of adventure. He enjoys the solitude that can be found in nature as well as discovering new places and seeing wildlife away from the crowds. When hiking, climbing mountains, or exploring, Jacob perches himself atop the highest rocks which afford the best views. Instead of simply enjoying a place, Jacob makes it his own.

He has always been a very helpful person participating in helping the poor by distributing food for St. Vincent de Paul. He is very good about helping those in need. He has done a lot of volunteer work over the years.

When at all possible especially on hikes and while exploring, Jacob is accompanied by his dog Boomer, his 3/4 Australian Shepherd 1/4 Border Collie. Boomer has even summitted South Sister and Mount Saint Helens! Boomer along with his brothers Blaze and Knight often come with us on hikes and backpacking trips. They even have their own backpacks to carry their food and booties to protect their feet when needed.

Jacob grew up in the great outdoors, both on his grandparents' farm and on the Schulz Family Adventures of hiking, backpacking, exploring, climbing mountains, fishing, rafting, and hunting. He hiked 9 miles at age 3, backpacked 40+ miles and summitted mountains at age 8, caught salmon in Alaska at age 11, and bodysurfed in Hawaii at age 13. As a reward for getting good grades with a 4.0 for all of high school, Jacob and I (his mother) went to Kauai for 9 days. While in Hawaii, we went on many extreme adrenaline-filled adventures, such as ziplining upside-down and at 60 mph in a prone position, waterfall rappelling, went on a helicopter ride with a landing at the waterfall on Jurassic Park, a catamaran excursion to the Na Pali Coast and snorkeling on the forbidden island of Nihau, bodysurfing in the Pacific Ocean, and hiking to the waterfalls and the beach via the Kalalau Trail, atop the cliffs in Kokee, and through Waimea Canyon in a rain storm. Jacob believes in living life to the fullest and having no regrets. He lives for adventure! He would love for you to join him on your next adventure with us!

Jacob along the Timberline Trail on Bald Mountain with Mount Hood after hiking up to McNeil Point.

Atop Triangulation Peak, our Schulz Family: Ron, Misty, Jacob, and Justin. Jacob was 3 years old, and Justin was 2 years old at the time of this photograph. Both boys hiked all 5 miles to the summit and back.

Jacob with a beautiful brook trout he caught in Glacier Lake with Glacier Peak looming, on his first backpacking trip in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. This beauty was released back into the lake safely.

Jacob with his dog Boomer above the Upper Chambers Lakes with South Sister.

Jacob hiking down a snowfield with our puppies Blaze and Knight to a mostly frozen Sprague Lake above Jefferson Park with Mount Jefferson and Park Butte looming in the distance.

Jacob with our dog Hunter at Jefferson Park with Mount Jefferson before this area burnt years later in 2020.

Jacob on the Pacific Crest Trail on Park Ridge, a cloud shrouded Mount Hood on the horizon.

Father, Ron Schulz, showing 8 year old sons Justin and Jacob distant views from the slopes of Broken Top with Middle Sister and North Sister in the distance.

Brothers Justin and Jacob Schulz, both age 8, backpacking cross-country with the Three Sisters on the slopes of Broken Top.

Brothers Justin and Jacob Schulz both age 3 at the time with one of the Green Lakes and South Sister. Jacob hiked nine miles and Justin hiked six miles on this day! This was Jacob's first long day hike.

Brotherly Love! Jacob and Justin Schulz below South Silver Creek Falls at ages 4 and 3. They hiked all 7 miles on that cool autumn day.

Atop Eagle Cap with his mother on a backpacking trip in the Wallowa Mountains, Jacob climbed his first mountain at age 8! Matterhorn, Mirror Lake, and Moccasin Lake in view.

Justin and Jacob Schulz atop South Sister, their first mountain climb in the Cascades. Broken Top, Green Lakes, and Golden Lake in the background.

Jacob in a lupine meadow traveling cross country to Jefferson Park high on Park Ridge with Mount Jefferson.

Mother, Misty Schulz with sons Justin and Jacob Schulz with Abiqua Falls hidden in the foothills of the Cascades in the Willamette Valley.

Jacob climbing high on Sahale Arm above Cascade Pass in North Cascades National Park after encountering a large black bear eating wild blueberries.

Jacob coming down the cables of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park.

Jacob climbing a granite face on the shoulder of Glacier Peak with his backpack on Prospect Pass above Glacier Lake with Eagle Cap in the distance deep in Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains.

Jacob with his dog Boomer with a glacial cirque lake high on Broken Top.

Jacob with his dog Boomer on the shores of No Name Lake with Broken Top in the afternoon sun.

Father and sons, Ron, Jacob, and Justin on Collier Glacier near the summit of Middle Sister with North Sister in the background.

Our Schulz Family: Ron, Jacob, Misty, and Justin atop Middle Sister with North Sister in the background.

Brothers, Justin and Jacob Schulz cooling off in Arrowhead Lake after climbing Middle Sister. North and Middle Sister in the background.

Brothers, Justin and Jacob in a wildflower meadow with Middle Sister along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Obsidian Area of the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Jacob and Justin Schulz with their dog Hunter at Paradise Park on Mount Hood.

Jacob on the summit of Eagle Cap with views of Glacier Lakes and Glacier Peak in the background at sunset after ascending 5,000 feet in elevation on a backpacking trip. Camp awaited him at Horton Pass.

Jacob driving his Mustang over rocks and rock shelves and under a large boulder near Pucker Pass on Long Canyon Road near Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah.

Jacob with Boomer, Blaze, and Knight on Broken Hand exploring just before sunset while backpacking near Broken Top.

Jacob appreciates nature. He treasures all of the creatures of the Pacific Northwest, big and small: from whales to bears, from deer to marmots, from spiders to slugs, to him every creature has a place in the world. He values the environment and keeping it green. He believes in growing plants organically and naturally, respecting the land. He is a firm believer in "pack it in and pack it out" making sure not to leave garbage in the wilderness. He loves the state of Oregon for its clean air, clean water, versatility, and beauty. Oregon has it all! Jacob is looking forward to guiding you on your next exciting adventure with us!



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